Ice Ice Baby

Today is day 3 of no power, which means no water, and no heat. The stench of rotting poultry products coming from my father's house was delicious. I trudged in numerous loads of firewood and we got his fireplace and the woodcook stove going. I went to the gym to take a shower. I call this CAMP UNITIL. the line was out the door. NOt only are the usual holiday crowds out and about but we have a shortage of ice, water and d batteries for flashlights. The retailers lucked out with THIS in this dreadful economy. I have become a permanent fixture in Borders , I have a corner with my laptop plugged in and my cell phone charging. Periodically I unplug to share with other fellows in a digital deficit. There are a lot of tweens here sitting on the floor throughout the store. talking all with laptops. Hey I JUST got one how is THAT?
Fighting off a flu or sinus infection all the while my saving grace right now is the price of gasoline. This has afforded me the luxury of driving around to stay warm. The time has come ot drive back out with bags of ice for the freezer. Why cant we leave our perishables in the breezeway? Oh because I have a family, which has reproduced thrice, of squirrels that raid the trash there as well as open up very tightly secured metal bins to get to the black oil sunflower seed.
I wonder what all of the kids are doing that are not gaming possibly for the longest period of time in their lives. Would any pick up a book I wonder?
I am going to purchase a spot of bother, by mark haddon. I really loved the curious incident of the dog in the night time. Hopefully I can get my Dad's dog out of her chair and sit by the fire and read tonight. And practice what I preach....