Before and after garden(s)

I have lived her longer than anywhere else, consecutively for 7 years now. I had forgotten just how far I had come until this sinus infection form HELL came along and has kept me home from work today. I am freezing so stayed in and finally tacked the old dusty basket of old photos I have been ignoring for years. This was done with cuttings from various friends gardens and at times a few purchases from perennial sales but other than that all by hand and by SEED. The only way I can afford this....
This is the most labor intensive garden I dare say you will ever see.
My wheel barrow has a flat. There are numerous tress that produce a literal TON of waste annually that I dispose of by rake scooping. Mind you the ice storm remnants are lingering as well. I drag these posts and branches way out back to a ridiculous looking burn pile.
This year I purchased seeds for 25 cents. We shall see how they grow and taste.
The garden hose has not worked since 2000....I fill (with an ancient slow pump) pickle buckets of water and drag them all over the place. It is a pretty large space to be carting water around. When the pump breaks and it ALWAYS does go to the creek and fill up.
My mower and weedwacker broke, twice until I charged a new one from Sears which also broke yesterday.
Someday my prince may come... preferably riding in on a new top of the line John Deere with a top of the line brush hog.

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