Ode to Sovereign Bank Manager

What do I have to do? What do I have to do? To prove my love to you????
One, One, one for my family and two, two two for my.... Violent Femmes
I have experienced the utmost in humiliation I went over by 4 DOLLARS using my debit card about a month ago... My Direct deposit posted all of 5 hours later. I mistakenly took the card working at the gas pump as a sign that all was well and went about my business buying my 40 ration of food for two weeks, and took for granted my car loan ( half of mind you ) and gym membership etc were all set.
I received a note from said 'BANK' that I was over 300 dollars over drawn? AAAAAAAAAAAh each of the transactions were all set all right..... at 30 bucks a pop yes the cigarettes for 6 bucks? 36 bucks.... and so on. SO my last direct deposit was gobbled as was the prior one. Ok well let me go there and make metion that I have never bounced a check here, and see if anyone can help me out. "I'm sorry the manager is not in today I do not have the authority to remove any fees." Ok lets print this all out and hte very nice woman did so and stamped it priority. Well That was comforting she assured me he would call me the following day.
No call... I waited another 24 hrs maybe he had a lot to catch up on?
Today I went there and lost my lunch BREAK, had to make up 20 additional minutes and well, wish I had a friend that cared.

He said he could refund 90 or 3 fees, that was all he was 'able' to do I
said wow then you eat 310 of my direct deposits over a 14.00 overage I
was not even aware of two weeks ago.
I snapped my bank card in half, or tried to of course it was really BENDY which limited the effect greatly,
where he then humiliated me further and, unwisely, gave e a pair of SCISSORS. I restrained myself from stabbing him or throwing it at his smug righteous face.. I gave a quick lecture
about the rich getting richer and poor poorer and then burst in to tears
and left mumbling about what a loser I am at 37 years of age being
unable to manage a debit card. They win.

'Special Favors come in 32 flavors...just last night I was reminded of just how sick I had become...'

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