full moon

I needed so much to write and I was stuck blocked , just DISTRURBED. It was nothing I could avoid with a quick facebook status update though I rummaged it around in my mind with all of the repercussions like a good sicko.
I had a miscarraige and it threw my head for a loop. Not the drama of it the horomones and my depression. I have not been able to type a word about it. I am not sad so pleae no poor Becca in comments, nor any opinions about the nesx statement.

thank GOD

the end


  1. hi,

    I acknowledge you for owning, feeling, being with whatever it is you are feeling, whatever way you are being, and whatever way you are expressing.
    Thank you for self expression.

  2. Thank you so very much for your kind words and acknowledgement.
    I needed that. The book by Caroline MYSS was one I devoured and named her a god.