Purling grannies are never hurling their stiches about?

The holidays( i.e lack of funds) inspired me to take out and dust off my STASH of favorite yarns. I looked at the starts of old attempts only to plunge back into frustration. Why are knitting grannies never cursing, stomping, rocking with force, or hurling their purling and needles about?Why is it that my brain short circuits with patterns?
Why can't I be an apprentice to a knitting granny who's production output astonishes all who observe her?
Is anyone else sick of ripping out their sacred yarns so many times that they look like they came from a salvation army grab bag? I can always present frayed scarves as Rebecca's GREEN ECO-FRIENDLY KNITS USING ONLY 100% RECYCLED YARNS?
Well... I wanted to have a knitting party this weekend. I just am sans friends and their kids but at least catching a wifi signal. I am perusing the blog sphere for inspiring sites and pictures. The kinds that make me believe if only for one day that I will be successful making such.
Like everything else in my life acquired an insatiable passion for hand made fibers, alpaca wool, hand dyed 'organic' cotton yarn etc. So If anything I can spin all of the dog hair someday. And not having had a grandmother myself to teach me knit purl sew quilt etc is NO excuse I have friends in my life a knitting MUM and an inspiring Saori Weaver who helped me wind my first TON of hand dyed wool.
Maybe I need to believe..tis the season eh?
and this is soooo cool Moritomo Gallery in NH she makes amazing threads
From knittingOM

Interesting links

OF the Times had to get in on the CHICness
MY first scarf pictured here...

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