monkeys at typewriters? bbc

I was surprised to learn that my employer purchased a thrift savings and loan bank to meet the qualification for TARP. Before I wrote this I confirmed that it was public knowledge ( or effective journalism) prior to our email...
Not as surpised that an article in the Sunday NYT displayed the .08 degree of seperation of Paulson and his former coworkers at Goldman Sach's , heading up the team. I asked Our fine Congressman Paul Hodes this question about accountablity and selection when he came to our worksite. Is there not soem ethical liberty taken when you select your friends?WHAT? NO PHD ECONOMIC PROFESSORS FROM the top universities of other countries and COLUMBIA, WHARTON, PENN, YALE, DARTMOUTH, OR HARVARD ON THE LIST? I don't understand how scholars of pre-depression and post depression economies would not be vital components.
On the way home listening to npr, BBC, a critic of bloggers made me question my vanity and need to express myslef, not indulge in digital narcissim. Did anyone else hear that interview? The woman from global voices was much more tolerant and appreciative of the internet. It is not fait to compare kids online looking at videos to adults who do still read actual newspapers, and whom pay for them too.

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