the mystery of my direct deposit

I FOUND the funds! They sent it to my old bank account, which is funny I ALMOST tossed the atm card recently too.. PHEW!
After a hellish week I am sitting at Borders and waiting for my friend Jill and I get paged...... I think itmust be her looking for me at the information booth but alas it is my father .... wants me to take him to CC Tomatoes b/c his vehicle needs repairs and he is ' having low blood sugar' ie needs a drink I think... There had not been two minutes that I had sat down with a few books to peruse, a working jack and cozy chair, and my soy chai I live for this time you know?
I told him to go make toast at my apt and have some oj and insulin and i would be there later OMG
no rest for the wicked.