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It is no coincidence that the WSJ is viewable only when paid for online, where I have access to not only the NYT but NPR and radio shows converted to text... Who can get the information the fastest and worry about it's credibility afterward? While journalistic integrity is not on the minds of some bloggers I do hope that the paperless media will have standards equal to those of the news in print.
The topic though about the auto industry and sales? My sister is a successful auto salesperson, and I have remained baffled. The company has a current promotion for Hyundai, if the purchaser is laid off within one year they may return the car with out penalty. This promotion lasts through January 09.
This was an actual story on the local news last night. No wonder my niece and nephew had such a great Christmas!
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Can't Afford Your New Hyundai? Just Return It
Return Policy Started Friday