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pre-occupation is becoming a problem,,,, ( question 3 does it interfere with you work/0 YES
my interner at work is way faster, so my dial up in the woods that is wireless cannot loan pg 1 of my flickr page in less than an hour. My facebook correspndence with a friend who teaches photography at UVM ( Vermont) and is very kind.

May 18 at 11:47pm
Hey Becca-

I wasn't ignoring you when you asked about giving you feedback about your photographs. We've been jammed with visitors and houseguest recently, just coming up for air.
So, I think you have a good eye aesthetically, there is definite beauty in your work. One thing I teach is that concept is more important than ever. The advent of digi cameras means exposure control and automation makes the device create perfect exposures without any input needed...the end result is that any monkey can release a shutter and make a well exposed photograph. Allow that monkey to photograph for a few hours, and we're almost guaranteed that a few of those images will be collectively regarded as aesthetically pleasing. So, what separates the artists from the shutter clickers is concept.....the importance of ideas, metaphorical concept, and overall originality could not be more relevant today.....this is where you need to direct your energy in photography, in my opinion. Maybe you need to ask yourself : 'Do I want to make art ? Or just beautiful photographs ?' I make both these days. I do make craft photographs that have no artistic relevance but are beautiful, and friends/family eat it up, but it seems hollow and unfulfilling at the end of the day. Hope this is helpful.....

ZZ ( changed)

Hey zzzz,
Sorry so long I've been in a semi-coma with a sinus infection.

I have never been artistic. I am a superficial airhead Gemini. Each and every one of these kids in my life MAKE BETTER DOODLES than anything can do with a camera. I am NOT an artist, and ABHOR CRAFTS. If there is anything nearing the craft category that I can do and tolerate is knitting with SNOBBY fibers or weaving, pottery, which is not an option today where I live... Patterns and crocheting and stencils and glue guns all make me hemorage. Or what's even worse, crafty trend of late, the SCRAPBOOKING!
Entry level SLR's and photoshops are what dj's were to music. Art will never be a word heard responding to observations from my perspective ( add camera, rural locale, environment and subject matter ) Inspired NOT by memory picture books or in hopes someone will look back in 30 years and ooh an ah over crap they just skimmed over humoring someone. Nor the other end of the 'spectrum' look how dark her insides were obviosuly if she took these shots...
If I can impart what I see, feel or felt in a moment, and this EXPRESSION BE OF authentic nature and provide SUSTENANCE to someone I care for then I am satisfied.
If I learn and ever obtain an slr then we can talk what IS art? Because this is where I will have to start HA HA!

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