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my response

My sister sells....
Yes she is the only female there. Last week she returned from a bathroom break to find her phone had been moved slightly from it's usual spot.
This flip phone now had a new background image.

BALLS dick pubes you get the picture...

Usuing my HR background I suggested that she just tuck it away pretend it was not noticed and make a beeline ofr the best sexual harassment lawyer in the EAST.

That would be incongruent with her instant gratification whats in it for me 'coping' methods. OH no we have to go have a cigarette with the moron
She looked and said, " Do you like your job here?" YES he studdered.... She said How much?
He said very much. Like paying bills and feeding your kids? SO DO I
She proceeded to extort 1500 HUNDRED dollars from him and fix the tranny on her BEAMER

TRUE story
I have some good ones but it is too late tonight... great blog post and topic however!

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