Oxymoron of the Mornin

Internet Publishing

isn't that the oxymoron of the century?

Saving memory space is a benefit to the concept though I do not believe that it limits the threat of piracy. There are snag it programs and even basic type copying that could occur as with anything on the web. I personally do not need or want another gadget a kindle a phone a laptop a camera etc. I also love books, paperback or hardcover, reading the author bios and enjoying the covers. It is nice to have my eyes upon these, and to not be reading from the next brighter shinier icon with embedded hyperlink, forgetting all about what I was 'reading' . I savor my books and dream of having cherry shelves, in wall to the ceiling someday its absolute meditation for me.

Not to mention the fact that Victoria and I bonded on our love of books, our before and after mtgs after Straight 12 revolved around the Strand, when we are struggling with our loved ones and cannot bear the insanity we always have ( had, now its only when I visit) the Strand, if too cold it was her book shelves. What a tragedy if we had not had this who knows I may have never known the single most important woman in my life as anything other than Coral's mom, now Dylans GRANNY. She abhors computers. All she ever wants for Christmas is the Literary Review from London if books fate is as ill as newspapers...quelle horror!

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