P M S ing

George George and Alexandra in from NY a couple of weeks ago. She and her friend slept over. Never did get to have my nehphew after many texts requesting to my sis. Maybe next time...Isnt he adorable?

My friend Kristen on guitar, her daughters and Alexandra. K brought over two large pizzasand her amazing uplifting self.

My flcikr links has pics of all of these kids when they were little.

Today I was going to organize the rest of my CLUTTER after I mow the lawn and finish weeding the gardens. However Now My father says he had a FLEA in his hair. One fogger left two residences

two canines

No car need to pick up from inspection garage, I am in the whole loser place with no money until two fridays. At least CAR payment was made, actually Dana helped me with a bill which is unusual not since four years ago and we were in the honeymoon stage has this happened. SO he did theinsurance,paiod,, and cable, paid.... Dad always gets paid FIRST.... He has a coronary if Animal Planet and Discovery are shut off.

pro and con list? not even pheasable when I PMS'ing

and to my couple of guy friends that find it funny to grab my ass well just FUCK OFFFFF I am so sick of everybody wanting a piece of me

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