the inconvenient truth: Where you goin'?

the inconvenient truth: Where you goin'?

Out to Pasture

I love this blog... she wrote what I could not.
I was still in not even acknowledging this event bliss
my comment :
I faked that I was attending my 20th last month all the way up to my facebook WALL posts ' I'm almost there texting from my phone, left hours ago...teh corner, you'll see my car any minute... Brought huge german shepherd to play with all of your kids, and of course I still carry copious amounts of vodka and co ke and am a sure thing boys'
And I went to an ACTUAL new england PREP SCHOOL


  1. Yeah! You enabled comments! But, um, I don't have anything to say right now.

  2. thank you for being there ;-)
    comments were always ' enabled' but I somehow dropped the icon. YAY I have a comment :-)