Speedboat accident at Lake Winnepesauke

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Three people were injured last night (Oct 6)when the driver of a speedboat failed to see the rocks in front of them The area of the lake, Treasue Island has buoys and the boat driver was disoriented. A passenger was severely injured with half of his face xhatterd, the woman Cynthia ( my sister) ___, the driver and a third passenger were catapulted from the boat at impact.Though she had none life threatening internal injuries, her bruises and kidney and liver were bruised.

She said that after the boat stopped she was calling the passengers names in an eerie silence and noone responded. She was terrified she was the only one alive or conscious. She felt blood all over her face arms and neck. Onto rocks in pitch darkness, she pisctured the new zombie movie trailers. I am not sure what words were exchanged but her friend, was still on the phone and coaching her to tell the driver they all needed medical attention. She called her boss as he tried to grab her cell phone away from her. I am not exactly sure why. But knowing her her, ( like myself) fear is the dominant instinct when something happens or you are ill, thoughts are ' crap I am definetely going to be out of work tomorrow'. She told him what was happening and said, "I m calling 911"the boat driver was awake suddenly yelling 'NOOOOO you are FINE s and so is HE ( her friend) and "NO need for THAT" and began to push them out and off of the boat.
You know my sister works in a large dealership that has automatic incomong and outgoing call recording.

Isn't that beautiful?
Amid the controversy about drunk boating and fatalities on Lake Winnepesaukee you would think one would not get into a speed boat with a drinking driver. She was drinking as well. It is legal sure but a few years ago someone was killed same exact scenario and location and it got media attention becase the driver is a somebody. I cannot access the site with the facts right now, my internet is too slow at home.
One would THINK she would run when told a RX was 'real' and she just needed to purchase it for a fee for her boyfriend.
Will it EVER end?
Jails Institutions and death as we say in the 'halls'.
Naturally I asked if he will be charged with a DUI and she replies, " NOONE KNOWS" I asked where she was she said, " at Ronnie's resting." "Yeah I need to rest, 'WE' need to rest.

Thease are just more consequences suffered by everyone's total lack of accountability, responsibilty and respect for the effects of alcohol.
Does that include thinking about how you got there, and you cannot blame the outcome on anyone but yourself for making the choice to 'party' and ride on a speedboat with 'freinds'. In one conversation it was I hardly know this couple? When I reminder her she chose to ride with strangers she said NOOO I've know them for years. I said ever been to their home? Silence.
Oh BAR firends, I understand completely.
I get triggered with this and reexposure to so much crap It is when my ptsd kicks in. I cannot function, I am in dissocation, and have to work really really hard to get grounded and drop the anxiety. I cannot focus or compelte a tasks and I need to do something healing creative and or spiritual.
So what is a good codependent sister to do? Take fall foliage photos AND drive up there and care for her. SO I did. I did not find her resting. I find her on the porch of JP China's telling the whole story. I asked if she wanted to go for a ride and look at the foliage? NOOOO I JUST got back from Hanover plastic surgeon etc, ok OK theeeeen I am not needed cool bye.
I went to MT MAJOR with Ginger and hiked. This used ot restore me and it is just not coming fast enough.
STILL out of it, and see next psot.
I am a new member and pending approval at a local forum I will just linn to the comments..

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