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Date: Mon, Nov 9, 2009 at 6:36 PMSubject: Re: Account Payout Requested - UltimateBetTo:
Thank you!!!!!!!!!
I am stunned right now. I just hung up from a phone call with a customer service representative. I did not write down his the name....I would like to commend him for providing extraordinary customer support. .
Diana she was great and provided follow up initially providing me with trust and confidence and empathy.
I will call him HE.
He spoke well, listened, clarified my exact reason for calling, confirmed this and asked if I woul d be willing to hold. He was sincere, and also checked in which is helpful if a customer needs reassuraance or needs to be de-escalated.
Please note I did not once ask for a manager and or yell, berate, and or insult the business, site or any employees. I think wehn people are dealing with money this can happen sometimes.
The error have been due to a systems and or interdepartmental processing disconnect. Do you currently have a process improvement group (ie Six Sigma; the GE, Toyota, buzz words for 'executive level compenstion pro's' ) and subsequent profitability philosophy or training for it? It is about 6 layers deep of the suggestion box really just with metrics data supporting every actual improvement implemented done of course after a full cost benefit analysis. I know superficially form my years in customer service a few things superfically. I am NOT an executive and you can confirm that easily by my deposit amounts and depleted bankroll at your site.
One, checks DO get lost in the mail.
Two, normally ( 100 % of the time at Fidelity where I di dHR and Payroll for BAnk of America no less, , an ACH confirmation must come prior to any check re-issues and the process can be 7-10 business days. I have never once seen an exception, not for a 7 bucks an hr teller single mom or a 350k annually plus bonused exec. UNTIL TODAY.
in brief, I was sent a live check via Us ( origin Canada perhaps OR USVI) NOt sure, on Oct 1st.

I was optimistic and patient and did not inquire on the status until the end of October. My emails were responded to promptly, and a representative provided an exception for me to re-issue and send via Western Union as soon as it was processed. ( 7-10 business days). Well I having developed a little compulsion natrually asked to add 75 more dollars to my account and sned the balance. YAY I vowed never to spend another rainy broke destitute weekend playing free rolls as long as I lived. I, still euphoric and in ( my fault not UB's), based my bill paying on this pending arrival and blew my real money online. I, also, dumped my boyfriend for saying I would never win anything , and proceeded to do so, ( losses far more but I am learning) DUH. Yes I am reading your blogs and bankroll/limit educational material now, but in the meantime I have accupied myslef this way. I happen to be in rcovery, and I am not substituting really..) I was able to actually empower myslef ( so I thought) after I earned this money I was subjected to another round of verbal abuse and I said hit the ROAD. ( The cards up my sleeve being I will make something and I did, either way I will not tolerate he and my FATHER insulting me as they LOVe when I give them my paycheck ( DAD) and well he just is cheap in general and never helps me) period from any man.
Especially one who made it to a final tbl ( small one) at WPT in Foxwoods last week. Oh yes the exceptional customer service?
I dismissed the sexist idiot, and waited. And waited.Got payroll, ( take home these dyas bi-weekely???? 700! Used to make over 40K. TTelcom mess etc lowly peon now at a major Life insurer. I paid out my DAD who is financially dependent on ME. I held my breath in the days, and weeks follwoing about my car payment.

I yes poor me, was home all last weekend broke no FOOD no HEAT , and no CAR. that did not take long. No MAN.
You get my point right?

My grilfriends delivered food to me. I said I need cigarettes.
My dad charged me for a ride to work. I said can I clean your house adn wash your clothes now too?
My xMAn apologized and insulted me again.
I said BITE me. And continued 'practicing' is what I call my losing.
My money is COMING I say to myself, I will ahve to call tomorrow and ask though I hate to bother them. ( Lost more money and was dismissed by tech support AGAIn when 15 bucks really would have kept me from pulling hair out btw)
I just keep telling myslef.
I WILL be successful at this, eventually.
2500 tournement or .25 it does not matter because I am learning. And I will never play live because I swear to god the last time I went to Foxwoods ( WIth the bitchboy and chauvanistically was laughed at suggesting I might learn someday) and came down with H1N1.

K , So home alone dark cold hungry and car gets towed off now I am freakin. Diana, calls me back at work, offers to send the WU $, I am elated and thankful.

KNowing cold dark hungry for one week more OK.. Its cool. And they were charging me only 5 bucks.
And wait for the email and just go get it it will have all of the details. Confident this is a FACT
I continue to blow the last of my paycheck on UB.
Why? Because I HAVE to make this work.
So Fri afternoon or Sat I get an email saying it was sent inthe MAIL.
Cell phone also off mow= NO inet NO POKER quelle HORROR, and... worse No Inner strength.
Did I mention I was SICK and aslo needed medicine last week?
SO I am now just freaked, and ermail back attaching all priors... Diance always emailed promptly? NO response, 3 days...?
Email again today? NO response...
The auto email has an 800 # ( this being to CANcel payout and spend it all back there.
I wish. BUT I call and speak with HE who....
Cared, listened, confirmed my reason for caling, Asked to place me on hold, checked in, ( which I never worry about) and said he was askign a manger to review this.

He 'took ownership', he spoke to me like I was human, ( tech support???? NOT so much)
He empathized and made me believe the 00# auto answer message was true, they are commited to taking caer of their customers.

HOW did he do this when I am just in a disaster and feeling like I may hvae been scammed. I know this is NOT true, but I bet irate people harass these poor reps all of the time with that.
He really did feel sorry this happened. I was convinced it was going to be another 2 weeks, and was pretty depressed and scared.

By the time I hugn up and checked my email?

The western UNION email verification was there, and I should have money withn a couple of DAYS.
(this should have been done the first time when I mentioned I was HUNGRY)
Not my point this representative should be paid 100 times his current salary because I am going to keep spending 100 times my current salary at your site because of him.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!!
Sorry for lack of editing but I am at work and my RIDE is inet to edit with at home temporarily


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