For the last month I have lost lost lost. Luckily I play low low micro stakes but I am still waiting for the check form my first big ( ish) win. The other winnings I re-invested, and well now tilted jilted adn broke. The site is processing a stop pay re-issue, this of course takes another 5-7 days. The payout was requested Oct 1st. Yes today is Halloween, therefore 30 days later I sit. Home no gas food or credits back at least to occupy myself adn prevrent me from pulling out my eyelashes.
I counted on thne 600 to pay the cell phone car etc and get me through till next week, I allotted a full two weeks and was patient. NOw thouhg I am DOWN on Ultimate Bet. Doen because they offered to restore all the money to my acccount. I replied, " Please do not further encourage me as i ma on a bad losing streak here." Funny how that coul dbe accomplished far faster than the stop pay request. I know from work experience at Fidelity the process, adn that it is notthe istes fault the check was lost en route or that I am not getting the cards.
I just feel like SHIT and after dismissing bitch boy, I am quite befuddled.
 did I mention he made the final table at Foxwoods last week, won 1800 and he is sooo cheap with me? Maybe if I am cheap I will get better luck in my game

This is why I absolutely despise him.

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