"You hear that? The baby's name is (Tyler) CONAN"

I was answering this on ino but my comment was returned as SPAM!

Here's to another Unorignal blog topic detials of my personal opine which obviously was  or very close version of already posted over 5 billion times in 400 languages



 Conan is a major talent but something about his preoccupation with his hair and self dulls his presence for me. I think he can be irritating when he goes off on space tangents or the like. Craig Ferguson is the MCDreamy of late night, for me. He appears to be quite adept at improv because he coul dnot fake the surpised expressions he makes after something flies out of his mouth. The show is less endowed so I think less writers and I appreciate his sarcasm about not having a live band. It is an insult to late night comedy.

Dave is authenticly himself which I respect, laughs at himself and is subtle about insulting his writers, yet still refrains from the fall ball of self flagulation ( Conan style). Kimmel is to me original and I am never tired of him.

Sorry.. So LENO for me and if it was up to me Denis Leary would replace Conan because a) much funnier and b) he should have been gracious and respectful towards Leno. He has become egomaniacal.
 CONAN's monologues are  like  baby Tyler at the table in the Hangover...

Alan Garner: Not at the table, Carlos! ..... Alan Garner: You hear that? The baby's name is Tyler CONAN

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