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Out to Pasture

 Lee?  If you can hear me please know that I miss you and I am soooo sad you are gone. This old email really reflects your wit and humor and keen perspective and I am so sorry that this affliction caused you so much suffering.

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From: lenore Leavitt
To: Rebecca

Sent: Wed, August 15, 2007 10:25:40 AM

Subject: Re:

Becca, you are high maintenance and spoiled. You want time to yourself all the time and your new sponsee lee who is also spoiling you. You use Dana for money. He's always flipping you a few bills to help you out. How can you expect him to build you a dog house. That would take time away from his free time spent with Colby and at poker let alone the money involved. Also, it would have to be movable because if it were fenced in that would mean committment. and the washer. They are his new, big, washer and dryer bought with his money used to be by him and only him. Only he knows how to use it properly. They are quite complicated and very expensive and a person of your intellect can't handle it let alone the dog hair. Enough with mason dirt, and cat hair. Dog hair would blow the thing up. What do you think washers are for? Everyone. He's special. Dana knows what is best for you. Listen to him, obey him. He can care for you if you do. Just look at the great car he bought you. He had to downsize his new motocyle for it. Every man wants HIS woman to drive a minivan of her choice with no starter. So dear becca, be a good girlfriend and do what Dana says. If you do you just may get that 1/4quarter for Kay;s.

Rebecca wrote:

Also food is NOT love


lenore Leavitt wrote:

I still don't get it, is it an ultimatum, Make talapia or else? Huge control issues. You make talapia or else we are done. A talapia dinner proves to me that you love me. If you don't get me talapia and make dinner like I said, we are done. I'm the boss. talapia or die. Dana, how about you going to about 500 meetings, talk to your sponsor and see a therapist about your issues of control,GUILT, shame and fear. What are you going to do?


You have such a nice way of saying things and putting them in perspective with the way relationships work!

lenore Leavitt wrote:

WHAT, I don't get it? Please, go cook tonight although I know that's not it. He is done, NO, Are you done? Talapia? What a baby. What I see is that you tell him the truth about what is wrong in the relationship and he gets definsive because it's true. NO doghouse, no washing, no committment, what else?

Rebecca wrote:

Apparently after the messages I left on Sunday pm Dana's response was to go by some tilapia and cook tonight

and copy myslef

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