I am such a DORK..... I finally went to the Antiquarian book fair after going to meet up with Joleen and the kids to watch them so she and her Dad could go get a couch, and Dana taking off I was in town and saw it... Every year I say I am going to go and never make it there. It was for book sellers and collector's of ephemera. I am not interested in the latter. A few items of interest I did see mostly from one very cool seller in Goffstown. She had an 1857 Boscawen Academy brochure. It was something I thought immediately that I would buy if I could have. It was only 10 bucks and had some children with last names that are well known to this areas history.  It was located conveniently where two train lines intersected, and on the flood plain of the Merrimack River. Maybe nearby the Hannah Dustin memorial,, but I have never found any sign or foundation down there. Plus I got a kick out of the way the subjects were described in relevance to importance. This should be revisited today with the horrible scores our public schools achieve with the No Child Left Behind crap.  Then a sanatorium pamphlet from 1901 England and this first paragraph said' Inebriation is a disease'. Interesting that prior to the temperance movement this in writing is here. I wondered which Dr truly should be given credit for this acknowledgment.  It said 6 weeks was sufficient for restoration including walking paths a billiard table library and tea room. Sounds like heaven to me.
Tomorrow is my birthday I guarantee you I will not see a card from  supposed boyfriend. I do not mind seeing so little of him to tell you the truth it was absolutely a relief he went to play poker after helping move that couch and so stimulating for me to be in a huge hockey rink full of books. I saw a Big Book supposed first edition but 1957 for 900 DOLLARS. WHaaaaat???? WOW. Seriously?
I t was not signed by Marty Mann or anyone else  nothing but a book. 
There were a lot of Tasha Tudor books I had not seen most were signed and posthumously not any more expensive. I found a book of ancient instruments and  well not a book the binding was gone it was a stack of papers. There were some sackbutts and cornettos and harpsichords. This reminded me of some pictures that Barbara took on her trip to visit the oldest ones in Europe. If I remember that correctly. I would have purchased one of the pages but assumed it a bore without a whole book. Just what friends want, torn pages form an old book... sigh. One book 'the Flute' was ok and even gave mention to the recorder on 4 different pages in between the wooden flute where it is usually tucked in. 
I wish on my birthday that my bank account was not 'you have 0.00 dollars available for spending ' until a whole week goes by.
I wish I had money to get the garden tilled. and plant some seeds.
I wish my head throat nose skin and all were not inflamed itchy infected and miserable form pollen.
I wish I had no gdamned pimples and lastly I wish I had my instrument still.

So ... wah I found it when planting seeds and the dog had found a boxwood alto record just a fantastic stick to bury in the garden, and the foot piece was in one corner after being tilled ... seriously! 
I suck at my job lately because I can't breathe. I do not complain to people but  I know another woman who is disgusted by the air filtration system having never once been cleaned there she had been working in it for 25 YEARS. She suffers like I do. Oh well. I cannot work any faster and I was always the highest prior on these productivity sheets. I am not made for doing digital factory line work. I need to be able to use my brain to remain engaged. I certainly do not surf the net or go to you tube at work and have worked on projects and been assigned to do so but then these numbers ... I had inquired as to how working at 104% was not adequate and the timings needed to be reviewed. I have tracking  numbers I was good at it n sales when it matters. This, to me, having perfect quality scores consistently is useless. If  we are not looking and make a mistake were marked off, I look to my detriment and bring up many things no one else ever noticed. I was told by management to keep doing this and now really no one gives a shit if vendors violate HIPPA laws by sloppy medical record keeping, ( btw a 60K fine)( no problem but I said hey aren't we billed per page?? If a patient's record(s) are stuck accidentally in between our applicants,  we have no business reading it nevermind storing it why not address that? No one else considered if there is a server how much storage is used wastefully... I am the last to know the actual structure and set up of the scanning system.I know the outlook server fees are 130K a month so the medical storage must be nearing that. I am quite sure the writing is on the wall too as we have outsourced a small amount of work to India .. this is so obviously a trial and I expect we in house digital filers will be severed by year's end. the only way to stay is to PAY UP front ( yeah OK I can do that no problem) for LOMA course score a  C or better and get reimbursed. I have no credit card now. 
Fuck it My earnings have dropped by over 25% there, and I am grateful to have a job, I fear I am headed for a fryer line.

One example of many things wrong with insurance and life insurance needing to have all of this but the medical record keeping system in America is  ---ed with a capital F.

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