I  hate canned food and shopping at the town dump. I am not cut out for poverty
BUT I scored at the treasure house found some good books. They are contradictory in subject and should prove educational for me.
Wisdom's Blossoms Tales of the Saints of India , Doug Glener and Sarat Komaragiri , Shamabala 2002
The Social Contract and Discourse on the Origin of INequality Jean- Jacques Rousseau
Fodor's Italian for Travelers ( cassette brand new in box) I do not want to forget All of my Italian not that I am going anywhere obviously.
And a Mill's Pride new in box kitchen layout grid, graph paper videos and such for further fantasizing.

I am sick of this sinus infection of being sick in June when I am supposed to be happy joyous and free no I am sick broke and ungrateful for it.

Furthermore stupid man's cat died and he has regressed in to a sick freak.
As predicted I paid for my car in cash and he registered it in his town in his name, presumably for insurance benefit... that would be via my fantasy world. He left a message yesterday in my father's ancient voice mail machine he would be reporting the car stolen if I went to Kathy's.
Yes the ONLY fun I may have had in a year he ruined. I absolutely hate him. I thought we had matured beyond this baby shit behavior. I told him if he reverted he would be dead to me. Now how's that for a plan. He arrives here with the gkids so I look like the cray asshole and I firmly stated my opinion and he left and the kids were subjected to more insanity. He sucks eggs

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