tweets for twots

Social media should be a subject not a medium. I NEED to read and hear professionally generated stories because I cannot sort the facts from opinions on my own, especially with ADD. If the line of demarcation is unclear or locked by the government in the territory that is in turmoil, no media outlet can avert the crisis unless people are listening. When the integrity of the source is in verifiable then who wants to read anyone's self indulgent COMMENT or subscribe to their micro twots?

Americans are abusing the freedom of speech. We have disgraced our first amendment by abusing our instantly gratifying SHARE options via email text blog post subscribe mini share tweeting for TWOTS.
T His may apply to the USA shortly as well.
Where the public utilities and FCC are narrowing there definitions of privacy, access, advertising based bandwidth packet switching we can only consider the source for the majority of hyperblasting on any subject and the motives of said 'tweeter' status spewer, etc. Not being a journalist I myself hear the most respected consultants on a variety of topics being challenged and twitified. imagine how frustrating it is to hear discussions on national news programs that stimulate your own sense of importance on a topic to have to question not due to normal media bias and etc reasoning but due to twits.

There are people that I respect admire and emulate who's posts I will click on with absolute confidence I will either learn something or appreciate the share.

I try to act with some self control when using social media because my thoughts and feelings on so many sensitive topics are not the business of the majority of my facebook friends.

I considering how ironic it is the my blog is most anonymous and ( I HOPE ) filtered now from viewing as a link elsewhere. I am far more comfortable expressing myself this way and recording what moves me on the web than with my ' friends'!

SOMETIMES I want to respond or share something and at this late hour still hesitate to do so. I am have such a superficial understanding of journalism but such a deep admiration for some of the work my 'friends' do that I pull my hand back from the ENTER key and focus on absorbing what was SHARED.

If I 'GET IT' I reshare, and then sigh hope for the recognition I feel they deserve to somehow be awarded to them even if it IS only in a 'nome de blogger' comment.
When I want YOU to check it out because I care about the person's group cause like etc. It HAS to mean somethign to me or someone who has touched me life.

I hope that my limited sharing will make a friend pause if they see something from me to make that exhaustive trek to another web page or TAB read hopefully a decent report or HEADLINE group or photo that moves them.

Not having had any time to respond to the HOW are you emails I apologize to the few people that might read this and that have asked, I hypocritically respond HERE that life is good today.

I am still vain, superficial, sober and impatient, and trying like HELL to find a way to convert my thoughts to text without typos and organize them, and still get the lawn mowed when I am not working.

This lack of sleep makes me  reminiscent of mania,  except  no longer in my twenties, I lack the  energy and good looks make an adventure out of the day.

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