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No Bright Lights Big City theme in said defense? The blackout defense for market manipulation, he could have said he was simply not part of that decision, repeat, ;-) (every little bit helps to deter the stereotype ). Any financial 'harms done' list for either fella or our' on shore' broker dealers if they were to be held accountable for short selling the US economy, all are solvable problems compared to the unprecedented disaster that was the Gulf. Thanks for posting this. I am sure now that New Jersey Housewives will feel much better now about any debt incurred under the influence . That put the biggest smile on my face. I am going to share this now with my friends that read.

The Friday  had off I went to the noontime mtg where I had not been in a DOG's age.
Are you so totally amazed at the sci fi movie like suction that occurs when you get yanked back in a millisecond form the proverbial white light after being in a meeting with your PEOPLE and knowing again what pure ( clean, sobah what have you) RELIEF is?  That  screwed up thing that happens when you exhale again at last and you  skip back from a f-in church basement saying I will never isolate again  feel lke such SHIT.. ) 

Do you dream about me? Because ihave a recurring dream and wake up so bereft and devastated that you never came back for me and  have coffee, become furious that I am still dreaming about you and how sickening it is to me that it is the only time I am ever happy. I have an imaginary life in REM only. It is carefree spontaneous joy  I feel inspired loved happy and whole and madly in love there is no hostility no constant undercurrent of disgust and suffocation, just respect and adoration, and that  bond that knows no confiinement in institutions contrtacts or PROPERTY or fear

 no wonder I Can't fucking sleep I live in a dump and dream of  a better life and cannot free myself because I am scared that this is as good as it gets and if I change everything I am just acting 'out' I am 100% programmed now by 12 steps of sober responsible thinking and not at all inclined to self destruct  trust what anyone says and end up worse than I am now. If that is even possible as far as my environment domestically and finances and future.
Inside I am GOOD 
Please send chocalte if you are really there GOD.

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