I always knew it was time to wake up when the musty oder permeated through the walls of the old farmhouse, our bedroom was downwind.
Jazz musicians and improv, jazz musician and creativity,  jazz musicians and genius, jazz musicians and booze, my father's  equal if not greater comsumption than admitted by Louis Armstrong was a constant and necessary ingredient for any peace. When the supply was out the grizzly bear turned on the little humans....

I do not believe it to ( in my observation and subsequent pyscho-social development) to at deter from a real alcoholic's cravings and the eventual tale over of ETOH.
I am successfully brainwashed that GOOD jazz is not to be criticized,   stop arguing now hopefully it will be legalized.
One cannot approve of or criminalize one substance by an artist success, or jazz itself would have disappeared with the introduction of heroin. what do you think?

And I am a believer in substituting as the gateway to relapse period. That is how MY brain works.

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