my lengthy comment to King OF NY Hacks inspired by morning coffee with Dad over Rex Parker's Crossword where a clue made me thing  to link them together, where I then read another post that reminded me of conversations with Victoria also in NY who keeps me current. She called the 311 yesterday about the cyclists issue as she is  'Granny' and petrified ( born that way) and worse now to cross a street with her grandson. See pictures I will link to in my goggle if i can get my act together ever.

To further complicate matters I upgraded my phone which  ( and I was once an  Implementation Project Mgr in telcom for business, linking networks via Worldcom internationally) Yes I cannot get my contacts into the HTC EVO.........................

BUT check out the gdamn camera!!! It is like a big tv in Best Buy in High DEF!
Happy again! 
well getting there... no garden and everyone is sick of dog pictures niece and nephew are far too  busy for me anymore and controlling boyfriend limits my self expression and your interest but ... ODAAT

OH the evo is making a sound he has called thrice and I still need o dress and get in car jeans day = no shower 

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