What the F was THAT?

The sound was like an explosion that was followed by a collision of some kind so forceful that you something terrible had happened.  The tremor was felt from below my outstretched body, but because the television was still on. Dad? Dad iis dead. Why? Not because I am prone to exaggeration, but because we do not have natural gas, water or other PUC lines here or within a 10 mile vicinity, also no  highways or thru traffic. ( I do not have dsl if that helps to create a  rural image)
Like a brave first responder I tip toed NUDE  trembling to the door and opened it far enough to see the moon above,and keep my built to rescue  German Shepherd IN behind my legs, equally freaked out.
I saw the left hanging  barn door still propped sideways hanging by a nail.
I was shaking my friends.... I pictured all of the water damage on the roof and the crumbling ceilings my father enjoys adjacently......  Would my unsuspecting Dad, previously sleeping like big bird on the couch to the  Discovery channel, under a heap?  I am not being dramatic, it happened to the breezeway and the kitchen when I was about 9 yrs old.  I walked through the pitch black tripping  over
my 'hoard'  ," DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD" ? Silence.... But, I could see into 2 rooms,  a good sign...
"Did you hear that????" I shouted I at the top of my lungs. 
 "I sure DID"  I heard his voice, and not with an intimidated affect either.  I was  relieved in a way that I cannot impart in a note.  I said that it must have been an earthquake. He called The 911 line was a fast busy for the next hour.   * NY and  LA friends: this means more than 2 people in the county dialed simultaneously.   I went back home and left the light on and cleared a better path to the bathroom for him, but I  did not fall asleep quickly.I thought about the thousands of  people affected by the  real , NOT imagined natural disasters on other continents, and if we will be able to help in any small way, before they are dropped off of the news entirely.

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