YOU could have written that!

But you DIDN"T....

Absolutely any topic that inspires me to write,  is always  JUST  published ...
each and every time....
My experiences end up seeming so superficial, like I had a cup of coffee with insert thought /subject/story/ rant and I  will remain mentally and expressively constipated until I die.

I could break it down in to a a chapter I had of EACH BOOK.

Sound appealing?

OR I feel 100 percent present  and inspired about a topic, and cannot get my thoughts down on paper because I am driving.
Always, when I am driving..... WHY!????

Especially if I happen to catch the moth on npr..... 
REALLY pisses me off.
I cannot believe I am staring at my loveseat up against the wall with all of the this clutter STILL mid paint job in my apartment. I am stuck with a capital S. I cannot move my couch to the barn alone and I am not going to ask  bitchboy again. The last time he was here instead of simply helping me get them to the barn , I heard, " You NEVER should have gotten this crap" Ok.. these belonged to my sponsee ( google spell checker does not like this word)  that DIED. What an insensitive little shit as if I belong on HOARDERS.  The nerve, I am on the wrong side of 35 and have my entire life's possessions in this 2 room including 'kitchen' apartment.  

I am sick , and after having a reprieve for about 5 months I am sure it was the mold and it is back. 

My head hurts like a cocaine xtc hangover with mixed sulfite's.

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  1. BOO! I always pictured that old house crumbling down on you--be careful!! I am trying to come to New England this winter to see my new niece--my little brother's ex had a baby--nobody told me she was preggo! I think I have been pretty much disowned--MaryAnn wins. Anyway, if I come I MUST see you.