Unemployed in Boscawen

I will not let my anxiety transform me into an unemployed binge eating depressive maniac.
I will trust that I will survive, not freeze or starve to death, and my knitted washcloths are exactly what everyone wants for Christmas and Hannukah. I will surrender my ocd add  et all I really hope I do not relapse and pull out my now long brows and lashes... ....

I will not tell my Dad until I have an approved claim from unemployment.
In the meantime I will be grateful for my sobriety, my dog, a car that runs.  I need brakes and still owe the mechanic for inspection, but hey it could be worse. I could have a child to provide for.
I am confident that I absolutely worked to the best of my ability and got a royal corporate screwing, coinciding with our positions being outsourced to another continent during overnight hours. Among other facts I will refrain from ranting about until I know that I will be able to collect unemployment.


  1. Oh yes I am open to all of the owndrous possibilities that unemployment brings.
    Starting with the cable being shut off and my Dad going bananas.... I am okay though really. I went to see my PCP and have bronchitis which I NEVER get. I was run donw and trying so hard apparently too hard. I was told that they ' observed' me working 15 minutes late on a number of occasions catching up on email. This was not approved overtime. They said I was owed 4.15 hours of pay since September and I had not added this to my timecard.....