Severe Peeling and Many Old Layers

Severe Peeling and Many Old Layers

This is a real B - t c h
Cedar scraping with a cheap tool..... I heard that cedar should not be painted on an exterior surface.. Does anyone out there know?

I am off the digital social grid and suffering for it.

15 years of sobriety and an apartment space with mold mildew soot and structural damages I am unable to repair. So what does a good drunk like me do?

Fix the outside!

And work at changing the things that I can....

And then Unemployment decides ot hold this weeks pay... And asks me why I cannot log on... I missed an email...
I said why can I not have the option for an email delivery with a CC to my home box?

I reminded the MANAGEr I was the one who drove thorugh three blizzards to shovel out said MAILbox last winter waiting on tenderhooks for the back pay which never arried nearly getting gnagreene in my fingers shoveling out with a rusted old garden shovel...

ANd BTW when not receing a paycheck I am still paying rent and I stopped myslef at the fact the ' BF' broke my computer a 2200 XPS in his rage over their NONpayment.. Hence I am doing to NO SKILLS NO TOOLS NO MONEY REPAIR RENOVTION JOKE of a life BIOTCH! YOU live on that and alone with no dependents ie qualifications for 'help'...and then, you pay a cell phone ( modem too) and computer bill, feed and fuel yourself with cofee and nictine to boot.

SO yeah I am 124 lbs which helped with the 40th birthday. I DO have the best rear in AA, no kids, no marital history and little baggage.... Just a fierce will...

OH yeah accomplishments:

28 dump runs in a Corolla

CLEAN OUT ( attached 2 story BARN, end to end including 20 years of CRAP left here by whoEVER) The legacy of our family found in layers of books signed first editions .... photogrpahs, etc in mold... I am a SAP so this was emotionally exhaustive... Then my end... found my first meeting list and ledallions, bills from Cape Cod to Manhattan all utilities and nothing interesting..

Remnants of relationships to remind me I did compelte an accurate self appraisal with sponsor(s) and still had am notorious for BAD TASTE IN MEN:-)

Restored old Elmira Woodcookstove for Father's Day
and more Library closing this second@

I HAVE accomplished in addition to the milestone of 15 years

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