This is not available in stores..........

"To be without some of the things you want is an indispensable part of happiness."

-Bertrand Russell

THINGS are more evidently missing this time of year......

What I cannot buy for every seven year old in my life is not important when I can BE present for them without substituting PRESENTS for PRESENCE.

If I have restored my HP balance with meditation and prayer then I believe this. When I am off the 'beam' I feel like an enormous let down.

Meetings meetings meetings and surrendering my will is the deal for me lately.

I am powerless over active addiction but I am not willing to not star in the taking my will back show today.

I moved my heater into Dad's kitchen because I know he is sleeping off his lunch. I think that I would be happy if my shower worked but then the water pump is on and off again so it is an oh well not a what if... ( for Sharbari ;-0)

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