At last

I have a job interview tomorrow.
It is at the Phoenix House for an admin assistant. Someone thought to ask a friend of mine if I was still looking for work....
I am so excited....and thankful to my friends for thinking of me.

Lately the results of my efforts have been NIL.
I am nervous already and concerned about my ability to not f up a root touch up here with my poor lighting and otc dye...

Dad asked if I would go with him again today.... I thought to myself, " He DOES like having me around when he goes for lunch!" I do not eat WITH him... I go walk my dog.. but my friend who works there really likes doing the NYTimes crosswords with him. She and her husband own the place and we go waaaaaaaaaay back. It is not the Italian food I am used to from NY or Carmelina's but it is pretty good fare for a small NH town.

Then I remembered I had not paid him yet because of President's DAy so I need to go with him so we can coordiante my money posting and his eating. ANd my paying of the cable bill. and the rent thereafter. But he is so cute anyway.

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