Vacancy Main Street

today's AP headline from the Concord Monitor

Yesterday's post below:

The corner of main street in Concord NH had one campaigner on one of four corners today. RON PAUL....
Why are the candidates and CSPAN, CNN, MSNBC,WMUR, and the supporters for Mitt Romney, Santorum and Huntsman expected to be in Nashua? They are mistakenly assuming that the ' Silicon Valley' of southern NH has undecided voters on their main streets. These cities/towns residents work in Massachusetts and pay a refundable income tax there. They left NH on Interstate 93 or Rt 3 by 6:30 this morning. They put their seat belts on as they drove over the border to a paying job. They are not frequenting diners and bakeries on a Monday morning.
The streets looked apocolyptic at 11:30 this morning void of a single Obama sign.....
The NH House of Legislature has mandated a session tomorrow when numerous Legislators are due at the polls.

This according to a current state Legislator whotold me that this has never happened in the history of this state on the day of the presidential primary.

And the Democrats must be held up somewhere in El Nino with all of the snow.
They are NOT occupying Main Street in Concord NH.

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