blown using change to clean clothes at a wifi laundromat nearest he nuthouse.... Lyme disease ridden dog at home.......virus on laptop. BUT I spent an HOUR re-acquainting my self with One Day At a Time In AlaNON. AND Psramahasa Yoganana books............ aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw energy GOOOD until I had to Helpful then, went to beginner's mtg to show support and help others. Now back to self pitying sweaty balls .............. I could not visit my friend and her family actually 2 girlfriends this weekend over the brakes......... and MONEY so I am continuing on the job search... I will be testing if it is true that it is easier to find a job when you HAVE one.... look for me at all local wifi hot spots at all hours of the night until I have a job that allows me to wash my clothes and have food and perhaps restore verizon account someday.. real luxuries. I have not bought a piece of clothing or shoes for myself in 3 YEARS nor gone ANYWHERE. I am 80 % near packing it UP here in NH. Every man is cheap. Employers and lovers! How about buy a bra and an eyeliner since I have slipped with my ocd under stress and have a BALD eyelid an feel ugly and gross on top of it all.


  1. Thanks for the post and your honesty. I got sober with the help of a sober living called New Life House. Check out their site i fyou are looking for help. New Life House - A Structured Sober Living

  2. Thanks Eddie,
    I work at a PHoenixHouse and I was just researching a local women's sober house for a client. The entramnce fee is 1,000.oo alone.... after treatment it is critical to have extended support but we all face the same financial stresses whether recovering newly or longly. Know what I mean?
    I was being negative in my last post.
    I increased my meetings and mediation and breathing. I really had/have a broekn heart over my dog adnn my sister's illness. It made me cranky....