Almsot finished reading Another Bullshit NIght in Suck City at long last.... by Nick Flynn I can relate so so much of his story in some ways working where I do now and having the homeless scitzophrenic parent in NYC that I felt guilty for not svaing in time.. Today though sober housing is the topic. Women NEED it and some people are profiting it seems on this... Perhaps we should meet somwhere between how shelters and crisis centers are funded and run and private homes renting rooms with wifi near public transportation for 250 a week. It is discouraging to say the least working in this environment. I do not appreciate teh business of treatment, the State cut backs and or the whole concept frankly. At least if you are working with the homeless there is not evidence based theories applied to create artifical hope rate ratios. Motivational Interviewing ? WTF How about let's be HONEST. Are you READY and willing to shcnge or not? Today I am grateful for my sobriety but I worked my ass of for it and have little else to show for in my life materially. I am not interested in policing adults to pay my rent. The behavaiors are seen here as in any community of addicts. ANd the pressue to fill the beds her enow on ME in my OFFICe role has begun to effect me. I have no offical letters in front of my name so how adre I question these business practiices. We all just need to survive. And we all need to learn to take some personal responsibilty for our status with chemicals, the criminal justice system, dcyf and self sufficiency, co-occurring treatment is lacking and a large part of what I see as needed. What for? Go to meetings. Do the work. Get well. CHANGE.

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  1. Thanks for the post. It can be really hard putting your life together. I found holistic clinics that really changed things for the better.