My sister is back at the hospital and will not be coming home. ever. She nearly burnt the house down. All of my stuff is gone, glassware books my yarn collection, imprtant and unimportant papers, art supplies hers and mine my Dad called terrified..... She said she was helping with recycling...... He had to douse water out there at 2 am on Sunday night. the dirveway wa so hot there is a holein it, and my weber grill is piled with crap that is melted and there are charred remains of my/ourlife all over the LAWN. The barn looks like a tazmanian devil went through it. The electronics were broken and taken apart. :-( Poor thing I am so glad she did not hurt herslef or Dad or burn the house down. I will be there after work to do more clean up. I am shocked and grief stricken, I think she is gone beyond recall. She did not have any medicine.

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