the bookshelf is scitzophrenic

My bookshelf since I am new to blogging and cannot find the gadget widget thing

I spy with my little eye the Portable Atheist ,then we have How to Find God, and somewhere in between is the Art of Happiness, Pema Chodron writings, Paramahasa Yogananda, Clear Mind Open Heart, Native Legends, the Invisible Man, Nickel and Dimed, Teach Only LOVE 12 step guru guy I got at treasure house at the town dump
the next shelf is the LIGHTEN the frck UP shelf......including all of Marian Keyes Sushi for Beginners, Cracks in my Foundation, This is NOT Chick Lit, Me vs Me, the Reader, , the 12 step BUSH Recovery Guide

Then the shelf of books written and or edited by, long suffering dead alcoholic grandparents, great aunts and the WORST by far is my suicide shelf

this consists ofmy FRIENDS' books shelf , actual published authors, I look at and wonder why why why did I not receive the TALENT GENE?

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