My friend mentioned this movie to me yesterday at work I cannot wait to see it. See my paper on organic farming somewhere in older posts, not that I will ever be a farmer but at least we will have fresh beets and carrots to juice in my ancient Juiceman JR.
I am so proud of this lettuce! Despite the rain forest the garden has become..... look at it!

Snarkmarket: "The food industry
I just saw Food, Inc., yesterday, which might be what got me off on this riff again. If you read Fast Food Nation or The Omnivore's Dilemma, you know that Eric Schlosser and Michael Pollan both identify monoculture (i.e. oligopoly and monopoly) as the primary villain in our awful global food situation. The last century saw food production shift from the local farmer to the multinational factory conglomerate. That shift is ruining our health, our environment, international diplomacy, and perhaps worst of all, our food. Meanwhile, the unbelievably obese food lobby has taken control of our government, writing intrusive laws to ensure its survival even as it crumbles under its own weight."

Out to Pasture says my lettuce is almost ready....

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