Yeah I'll BLOW

Returning from a camping trip hosted by the SO Vt/Claremont NH district I saw this headline and am stuck somewhere between a drink is a drug and a drug is a drug/

Then, childhood memories of  leaving our hippie school for our twice weekly ski trips... Dad cherponing and driving adn steering with his knees as he rolled a Spliff...
It WAS different back then, and if you knew the good 'ol boys and had one too many they simply gave you a ride home.

NOW we, having moved to the sticks from NY were already blacklisted. AND stereotyped accordingly.
 Rational absorption of these facts and my fond  memories of steering us home often as a child are in a wee bit of conflict... and then there is my  own sobriety, and that it does not protect me from a drunk on the roads either.
Legalizing marijuana in CA, does this mean they have a stamp on a driver's license?
I will have to look this up I cannot remember if they provide the impairment sticker on the THC pills already.
Opiates and booze, well, I certainly drive at the age of 16 under hallucinogens. AND etc I have NOT been addicted to opiates. I also have never read a headline where a driver was arrested for being on heroin or being dope SICK.

Have you if anyone is out there?

Somewhere in between,  is the  REAL fact that a  very close friend in a relapse has been convicted of this DUI ( on RX medication) twice in 2 years and a DWI ( booze) her 2nd after serving time over 10 years ago.
( ANd IF she ever reads this she will HATE me so Shut the f UP)
The MADD SADD groups would hang her, and I am stuck somewhere between loving a friend who needs treatment, caring with compassion, and yet still feeling guilty fro thinking she should never drive again, at least until 3 years of clean urine.

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