"Mo ghradh thu, a rud agat"

"Trudging the road to happy destiny" ?

What an uninspired typically paradoxical, religous undertoning verbal-benzo for the addicted masses..
A 'new freedon and a new happiness' is not about TRUDGING... WALKing the WALK is not about the down trodden cramming 250 tons of sewage into a backpack and hoofing it to the meeting sputtering slogans to placate our sometimes negative and challenging circumstances in life.

"We are NOT a glum lot!"

REALLY? PROXIMITY is my word of the day. This 'city' boasts the only state prison, no vacancied halfway houses, the ' top rated' state hospital proud of the de-institutionalized residents, and each are within walking distance to 90 % of the meetings. The sky is the limit no doubt!

WHen I am close to ending it, I ask my higher to remove my desire for a dink, a drink or a twinkie. TWO out of three persist due to biological constraints.

And if you have to walk, just rememember if noone told you today that they love you, it's beacuse they STILL CAN'T, and never will. Make new friends or enjoy the solitude. EVEN though people litter along the road you might be walking on, you can choose to inhale the spirit of the universe... as you breathe, inhale... exhale.... all the way to the store for smokes if you can afford them. It is not trudging if you choose to call it exercise and placebo your way to a serotonin boost. ;-)
I have NEVER liked that word 'trudge', and I never will.

I am just PISSED that Borders is closing here, and I may be walking to and from a noontime meeting.. At least I got my computer back from bitch boy so I amy resume my job search and climb out of this financial and environmental shit hole I am in.

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