What am I thankful for?

Alternating current.

Although power was restored here my Dad and I cooked on the wood cook stove anyway. ( A&B Lumber for wood brick fuel tyvm) I spent about a week with steel wool and stove polish this summer motivated by this tradition and sentiment. I, Dad and the bird made it to the table which makes for a peaceful holiday. Richardson's Farm on Water St's maple sugar vanilla ice cream, insulin for Dad after this with their mincemeat pie. Doggie hospice was averted, Chelsea perked back up at nearly 17 years of age in time for scraps too. I am grateful for a heat source at last in my apt .... Eden pure WARMTH!!
A reprieve from computer generated 'phone' calls for 18 more hours... My friends that accept my limitations with circumstantial challenges, terms and conditions free love, a day of hope for all of my friends with families that, if only for today no one fights or pukes in the minivan, leaves a sibling ( or S.O) in another state, gets a mirgraine, and/or a restraining order.
I am thankful for DVR and the episode of Bored to Death that shows Ray having a breakthrough after his infantalising friend gives him a copy of.... BACK PAIN the mind body connection !!!! I laughed so hard. :-) ;-) I thank my friend for remembering me and giving me their extra Pro Airat the dog walk.

If Tesla could see the burden of trees after a New England storm and Asplundi working with utility trucks he would roll in his grave right?

Meanwhile I can broadcast my entire existence via a wireless modem for approx. six hours during a power outage.

Now for employment...

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