Stay where it's WARM

What a FUN morning! Jill Tim Olivia Jacob Rain and Ginger of course. Much more fun than arguing with a disrespectful man. Most fun prior to today was cooking chicken tikki masala (ish) on the wood cook stove and making chili to help B and his kids move. Also, am knitting on DOUBLE pointed needles with scraps of Seacoast Handpainted yarn. SO far one side of the triangle is coming out in garter stich when it is supposed to be stockinette. I cannot determine where I got tangled up. But as with the rest of my life more will be revealed. Without a camera it is really challeneging to show the progress made in the apartment. But I am online and attempting to use the web cam picture function, this too is inverted... Went to Webster Place and came home with a Rain and that did further strengthen my resolve to cease engaging in any behavior past or present that brought pain into my heart..