Jobs baby jobs ? adp/

I chuckle sometimes when I hear that a report stating that there were 300,000 less initial or new unemployment claims filed last week will preface a better headline in the near future based on statistical data gathered by adp.
First of all, at least in NH, days prior to to the first presidential primary, unemployment claims FILED #'s are NOT an accurate indication of job growth.
As of September 1 2011 New Hampshire Unemployment Department of Employment Security ment required all claims ot be filed online. A paper mill closes in a mill town and the entire unemployment office is closed. I have to meet a part time unemployment counselor at another local milltown's library where she is neither online nor provided an intranet password. Imagine a man or woman who worked in a factory since 1978 being told to file a claim online. Then enter a record of a thorough job search if you hope to receive any benefit payments. Not only do most people in these circumstances not have pc's OR Macinstosh ipads, they cannot afford a cell phone. If you are past the age of child bearing you also do not qualify or fall into the comcast lunch federal subsidy program flyers at your local unemployment office with big red number ten's. Ten dollars a month for internet access. Now imagine a person who does not go online. YEs, they do exist, and in higher proportions the more north you go, in towns where there is intensive campaigning today viewable on national television. They wait in line to reset a password ro log on to file said claim. Have you ever tried to fill out fields that take far too long or disappear when you do click next? A palstic red flag is then moved up in their cubicle. And the person that helped you earlier was just laid off from their very own part time position at unemployment. The number of claims being reported as new dropped because this is one example of a myriad of ways that filing a new claim is often delayed. Factor in two Federal holidays. Are we really going to boast this headline when the adp numbers are often generated by direct links on multiple companies 'careers' pages? All of the statistical data is 'optional' yet you will not successfully submit any application without completing the Gender, Ethnicity and Veteran's Status ending with disability. You MUST enter a full social security number, and the dates you completed any education, even if you obtained a GED in 1975 and worked in a factory since. Way to get around the age discrimination, finally, agree to a credit report, click submit, and the https//: now says ADP/GOV!!!!
Here you 'may' disclose how long you have been unemployed, if you or any member of your household is on TANF or receiving food stamps or heating assistance and for how long....
This is all before a human being reads a resume that you DO NOT know how to create.
ANd they are then told about all of the HELP at their local office..... Books and lists of resumes and cover letters... I peeked in the front covers.... ALL over 10 YEARS old. This is what we have here for resources in the very state which casts the FIRST BALLOTS.

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